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BCG Bladder Instillations

A BCG bladder instillation is an immunotherapy to treat non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. BCG is considered a live weakened vaccine. Because of this, it causes your body’s own immune cells to be recruited to the bladder to fight the cancer cells.

During this procedure you will be asked to give a urine sample. The urine sample will be tested to ensure no infection is present. After this we will place a small catheter into the bladder and instill the BCG. Our hope is that you will be able to keep the BCG in your bladder for 1–2 hours. You are free to go home once the BCG is in place. When you void at home it is important that you pour 2 cups of bleach into the toilet and let this dwell for 15-20 minutes prior to flushing. It is also helpful to sit to void, this will limit any spray of urine outside of the toilet. If you suffer any incontinence into a pad, please pour bleach onto the pad prior to disposal.

A typical BCG course is once a week for six weeks. During this time you may experience increasing frequency of urination, burning, low grade fevers, body aches and blood in the urine. If your fever is 101.3 or greater, please call our clinic for guidance.

If you have ever experienced a little anxiety over trying a new procedure, we offer Pro-Nox, a safe relaxation method for cosmetic and urological treatments.

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