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Blood In Urine

blood in urineBlood in urine is a common reason for patients to visit a urologist. Sometimes blood in the urine is found by your primary care doctor during a routine urine analysis. This type of blood in the urine that you cannot see with your eye is called Microscopic Hematuria.

Patients will also present for evaluation because they have seen blood in the toilet upon voiding. This is called Gross Hematuria.

These can be concerning findings as blood in the urine can mean infection, inflammation, benign (non-cancerous) conditions as well as a malignancy in the urinary tract.

During your evaluation you will undergo a thorough history and physical exam, urine studies, a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis will be ordered and you will be asked to return to clinic for a cystoscopy. Please see our procedure tab for more information regarding cystoscopy.

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