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Cystoscopy With Ureteral Stent Removal

A Cystoscopy with a stent removal is an in clinic procedure in which a small tube is removed from the ureter. Often times, this is done after a kidney stone has been removed. The stent is placed at the time of surgery and allows the ureter to heal after surgery. It is removed approximately 7-10 days post-operatively.

Prior to the procedure we apply lidocaine jelly into the urethra to help alleviate discomfort. We will also give you an antibiotic to decrease the chance of a urinary tract infection.

During this procedure, a small flexible scope is introduced into the urethra and bladder. A grasper is then introduced through the scope. The grasper secures the stent allowing for the stent to be removed.

After the procedure it is normal and expected that you have some mild discomfort voiding. This usually lasts about 24 hours. Tylenol or Ibuprofen are sufficient to obtain comfort.

If you have ever experienced a little anxiety over trying a new procedure, we offer Pro-Nox, a safe relaxation method for cosmetic and urological treatments.

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