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A Cystoscopy is a clinic based procedure in which the inside of the bladder is evaluated. During the procedure a small flexible scope will be placed through the urethra (the channel that you void through) and into the bladder.

Prior to the procedure we apply lidocaine jelly into the urethra, this helps to alleviate discomfort associated with the introduction of the scope. In some cases, we will give you an antibiotic prior to the procedure.

During the procedure you will feel the sensation of your bladder filling with sterile saline. This distends the bladder and allows for better evaluation. You will be able to see everything we see, as the images will be displayed on a monitor. We will explain our findings during and after the procedure.

After the procedure you may feels some mild discomfort upon voiding. This may last for 24 hours, and often resolves in less time.

If you have ever experienced a little anxiety over trying a new procedure, we offer Pro-Nox, a safe relaxation method for cosmetic and urological treatments.

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