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Hormone Imbalance

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BioTE® Hormone Replacement Pellets: Correct Your Hormone Imbalance


Dr. Robyn Roberts now offers a new FDA approved natural Hormone Replacement Therapy called BioTE® Pellet Therapy in the Austin, San Marcos and Kyle, Texas areas, for treatment of hormonal imbalance. Understanding the facts about this treatment and why it is important to both men and women’s health and wellness can mean the difference in feeling well or living well.

These pellets are small implants that consist of natural hormones, such as testosterone, that are processed by compounding pharmacists and made into small capsules. These capsules, or pellets, are placed right below the surface of the skin. The benefit over conventional hormones is that these deliver just the right dose consistently over time. You never receive a high spike of hormones, but maintain constant hormone levels so you do not have unwanted symptoms.

Testosterone pellets to treat medical conditions, aging and menopause symptoms have proven to be an excellent choice for women experiencing endometriosis, uterine fibroids and PMS.

Benefits also include:

  • Treatment for insomnia
  • Increased sex drive
  • Decrease in hot flashes
  • Less irritability and mood swings
  • Improvement in bone density and shown to decrease bone loss
  • Decrease in vaginal dryness and atrophy
  • Maintains the normal ratio of estradiol to estrone

Pellet therapy has been used to address these conditions in multiple countries since 1938.

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The Science Of Your Hormones

Hormones send messages to control major processes in the human body. As part of our body’s regulatory system, they interact with specific cells and organs to stimulate them into action. When hormones are compromised or limited due to the aging process, we can experience symptoms of tiredness, mood changes, lack of interest in sex, and others.

Why BioTE® Hormone Replacement Therapy

As we age, hormonal changes begin to affect our health in various ways. This happens in both men and women. For women, this can mean symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, Osteoporosis, Menopause, or Thyroid Health, and more. With men, symptoms may be Diabetes, Heart Disease, Low Testosterone and PTSD, among others.

BioTE® Hormone Replacement Pellets offer a new, natural hormone solution without the side effects of synthetic hormones.

As one of the leaders in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) with over a million insertions in patients, BioTE® can help restore hormones to their optimal levels and relieve your symptoms.

south-landHow BioTE® Works

BioTE® hormone pellet therapy is comprised of customized hormones that are tailored to each individual patient’s needs. Because BioTE® is not synthetic and identical to hormones found in the human body, they are more effective and do not have adverse side effects. Additionally, the pellets allow for consistent, and readily available hormones and prevent the up-and-down swings of synthetic hormone which are made of hormones not identically matched to those in your body.

The Process

BioTE® Pellets are inserted under the skin, quickly and painlessly and immediately begin to be dissolved by the body. The absorption and full effects can take up to 2-4 weeks and are administered two to four times a year for maximum benefits.

Your Results

For men and women, improvement can be seen in all facets of life. Physical benefits from hormone pellet therapy for men can include increased muscle mass, tone and strength, stronger bones, thicker hair and increased energy and stamina. For women, BioTE’s elimination of hormonal imbalance can result in better mood and more restful sleep, as well as higher bone density.

Mental benefits of BioTE® for both sexes include clearing up brain fog, increasing mental capacity, and helping prevent depression. Additionally, emotional benefits are seen with BioTE® hormone pellet therapy. For women, this includes mood disruptions—premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and postpartum depression. In men, testosterone deficiency can help with mood changes, depression, irritability and stress.

Find Your Body’s Balance

If you find yourself struggling with the symptoms we have covered and you feel you are suffering from hormone imbalance, schedule an appointment with us today. BioTE® may be just the boost your body needs to get the right hormonal message signal so you can live your life to the fullest again.

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