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hydroceleHydroceles occur when fluid fills a sac around the testicle. Usually there is a balance of fluid secretion and absorption of this fluid. However an imbalance of secretion and absorption can result in scrotal swelling and discomfort.

Hydroceles can occur spontaneously or due to trauma or infection. When this process occurs after or during an injury or an infection, it is referred to as a reactive hydrocele. These will generally resolve. However if they do no resolve then you may need surgical treatment.

A thorough medical history and examination will be done within the clinic visit. You may also be asked to obtain a scrotal ultrasound to ensure the testis itself is anatomically normal.

Not all hydroceles need treatment. Some are asymptomatic or only mildly bothersome. These Hydroceles can be managed without surgical intervention. However, if you are having pain and discomfort or struggling with your daily activities you may need a surgical intervention.

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