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Low Testosterone

Low TestosteroneThe American Urology Association identifies low blood testosterone (Low-T) as less than 300 nanograms per deciliter, along with symptoms which include low sex drive, fatigue, Erectile Dysfunction, Depression, irritability and reduced lean muscle mass.

Some men develop low Testosterone due to medical conditions such as chemotherapy, radiation, endocrine conditions, autoimmune disease and infection. Other men may experience declining T Levels due to aging, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and use of medication. During your medical history we will elucidate your specific predilection.

A thorough medical history and physical exam will be performed at the clinic visit. During the consultation we will order blood tests to obtain Testosterone levels. Obtaining accurate Testosterone levels requires 2 morning samples. Testosterone is highest in the morning, therefore the blood draws must be done prior to 10am.

Testosterone replacement therapy can be accomplished in several ways. There are gels, injections, creams and subcutaneous pellets. During treatment you will have blood tests to ensure that we obtain the right level of Testosterone replacement, as well as labs to ensure there are no complications from treatment.

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