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Nocturia (Frequent Trips To The Restroom At Night)

nocturiaThe definition of Nocturia is waking once or more during the night to urinate. Although this is common, it is most prevalent in older people. Up to 60% of patients aged 70 years and above wake 2 or more times a night to void.

Although the exact causes of Nocturia are not well understood, there are known risk factors. These include undiagnosed sleep apnea, Diabetes, obesity, overactive bladder, and enlarged prostate. The kidneys can also play a role by not appropriately concentrating the urine you produce.

Nocturia can result in a decreased quality of life, depression, fatigue, loss of sleep, missed work and lower perceived health.

A thorough medical history and physical evaluation is needed to make the diagnosis and start treatment. Treatment may include a medication or behavioral adjustments.

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