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Pro-Nox: Nitrous Oxide for In-Office Procedures

South Land Urology and Aesthetics now offers Pro-Nox, the safe relaxation method for cosmetic and urological treatments in Kyle, Austin and San Marcos. Now you can have complete control over any discomfort without the use of topical anesthetics that make you feel numb for hours.

Many of our patients are finding the Pro-Nox system delivers a comfortable and relaxing analgesic during injections of Botox® for overactive bladder, Coolsculpting procedures or injectable treatments such as Juvéderm®, as well as many of our other in-office procedures.

With the latest delivery system, you can administer the gases containing 50% Oxygen and 50% Nitrous Oxide whenever you feel the need during your procedure. This eliminates any pain or anxious moments with recovery in minutes. Once Pro-Nox is discontinued, the effects are gone quickly. You walk out of your treatment refreshed with no after effects.

Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide System for Pain and Anxiety Relief

A safe mixture of 50% Nitrous Oxide and 50% Oxygen, great for any painful aesthetic treatment

How Does Pro-Nox Work?

Unlike other systems, Pro-Nox allows the patient to administer the amount of analgesic needed for perfect relaxation and comfort through a pneumatically driven gas mixer.

The gases are inhaled orally and take effect almost immediately. Since each patient is different, amounts can be adjusted based on your individual needs. Once the gas is stopped, the effects wear off in about 10 minutes.

You are then free to move about and go back to your normal routine after leaving the office. Driving to and from your appointment is not a problem.

Benefits to You

  • Effective for pain and anxiety control
  • Safe for many in-office procedures
  • Patient-administered
  • Immediate effects
  • Short term
  • No downtime
  • Enhanced safety features

With Pro-Nox you will not experience the grogginess or limitations of general anesthesia or topical numbing creams. No gastrointestinal upset or added expense  will occur. You will be able to relax, enjoy your treatment and have the outcomes from a procedure that you might have been reluctant to undergo.

If you have ever experienced a little anxiety over trying a new procedure this could be your answer.

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