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Prostate Cancer

prostate cancerProstate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men. It is diagnosed after tissue from the prostate gland is taken with a small needle. That tissue is examined by a pathologist and given a grade or a score. This score will help to identify what kind of risk the cancer poses.

There are several different treatment strategies for Prostate Cancer. The treatment will be individualized based on your age, health status, grade and stage of the cancer as well as personal preferences.

While a diagnosis of prostate cancer is devastating and scary, this is a very treatable cancer. In fact, 99% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer will live greater than 5 years, and many men who undergo treatment are cured. Most prostate cancer is slow growing and takes years to progress.

At South Land Urology we will give you all the tools and resources to make informed treatment decisions. We will help you feel confident in your care plan. We promise to be there with you 100% of the way through this challenging journey.

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