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Urodynamics (UDS)

Urodynamic studies test how well the bladder, urethra and sphincters hold and release urine.

The study is comprised of several smaller studies all performed within the same clinic setting. Some terms you may hear during the test include; Cystometrogram, Electomyogram, Uroflowmetry and Pressure Flow Study. Together, these studies paint a picture of how well your lower urinary tract is working.

The majority of patients who undergo UDS have one or more of the following issues: Inability to control urine, bladder not emptying all the way, weak urine flow, recurrent UTI, urine flow stopping and starting.

During the procedure, a small catheter is inserted into the bladder and the bottom. These catheters are small, and although uncomfortable, they are not painful. After the catheters are inserted, the procedure begins with filling the bladder with sterile saline. You will be asked several questions during the procedure. This helps us to determine how the physiology of the lower urinary tract is causing your symptoms. This study typically takes approximately an hour.

After the study, the results and treatment options will be discussed with you.

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