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vasectomyA vasectomy is a minor procedure, usually performed in our clinic, in which the tubes that carry sperm is blocked. This procedure is intended to be a permanent form of contraception. The risk of pregnancy after vasectomy is approximately 1 in 2000 for men who have shown no sperm in their semen on post vasectomy semen analysis. The need for repeat vasectomy is very low, considered to be less than 1%.

Prior to a vasectomy a history and physical examination will be done. We will discuss the procedure protocol in detail. After your initial consultation you will be given a complimentary Vasectomy recovery bag which will contain a gel pack, a supportive undergarment of your size, a prescription for pain medication, as well as post vasectomy instructions.

Please see our Vasectomy Procedure page for more information regarding Vasectomy.

Our goal is to make this procedure as pain and worry free as possible.

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